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Supply: Journal of Geophysical Analysis: House Physics

Ionospheric Pedersen and Corridor conductances play vital roles in electromagnetic coupling between the planetary ionosphere and magnetosphere. A number of observations and fashions have steered the existence of meteoric ions with interplanetary origins within the decrease a part of Jupiter’s ionosphere; nonetheless, no fashions have thought-about the contributions of meteoric ions to ionospheric conductance.

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Nakamura et al. [2022] consider the contribution of meteoric ions to ionospheric conductance by creating an ionospheric mannequin combining a meteoroid ablation mannequin and a photochemical mannequin. This examine brings revolutionary outcomes demonstrating that meteoritic ions are dominant within the conducting layer at Jupiter. That is necessary for Jovian magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling. The authors consider that Pedersen and Corridor conductances are enhanced by elements of three and 10, respectively, within the middle- and low-latitude auroral areas when meteoric ions are included.

The contribution of meteoric ions to the ionospheric conductance is anticipated to be necessary solely on Jupiter in our photo voltaic system due to Jupiter’s intense magnetic and gravitational fields. 

Quotation: Nakamura, Y., Terada, Ok., Tao, C., Terada, N., Kasaba, Y., Leblanc, F., et al. (2022). Impact of meteoric ions on ionospheric conductance at Jupiter. Journal of Geophysical Analysis: House Physics, 127, e2022JA030312.

—Viviane Pierrard, Editor, Journal of Geophysical Analysis: House Physics

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