Bedruthan Steps: one other “face” in a landslide scar


Bedruthan Steps: one other “face” in a landslide scar

Through the years I’ve collected a set of tales by which a “face” apparently seems in a landslide scar (and different examples of landslide weirdness).  For instance, in 2015 an image of Jesus apparently appeared in the scar of a landslide in the San Francisco area of Putumayo in Colombia.

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Devon Live has a really good example, primarily based upon a rockfall that occurred in a sea cliff at Bedruthan Steps in Cornwall:-

The picture of a face following a rockfall at Bedruthan Steps in Devon. Picture by Louise Coe via Devon Live.


In actuality after all that is the fascinating phenomenon know as face pareidolia, in which the human brain is programmed to identify faces quickly. At instances this mechanism identifies faces in inanimate objects – the idea is that the disadvantages of doing so are outweighed by the benefits of speedy facial recognition.  Apparently, current analysis has indicated that we are biased towards seeing male rather than female faces in such conditions.

Most rockfalls are outlined by pre-existing joints or different discontinuities within the rock mass, that means that the scar comprises robust linear options.  In lots of circumstances, the discontinuities are usually not random, that means that patterns emerge.  It’s unsurprising that these often present comparable options to faces.

Within the case of Bedruthan Steps, the discontinuities have outlined two inverted wedges that type the angular “eyes” of the face.  There’s a much less well-defined wedge with an identical type that has created the “nostril”.  These joints will be seen in different places throughout the rock mass.


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