5 Science Experiments you are able to do with a lemon


Lemons are a small, yellow citrus fruit that style bitter, odor good and can be utilized for plenty of quite simple science experiments as they’re acidic.

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I’ve collected 5 of my favorite science experiments utilizing lemons so that you can attempt at residence. All are very straightforward and don’t use many assets apart from the lemon!

Make a lemon sink

Lemons have a thick, porous pores and skin which permits them to drift, however there’s a solution to make a lemon sink. You simply must take away the pores and skin!

Make a lemon battery

The juice inside a lemon can act as an electrolyte in a lemon battery!

You’ll want copper wire or a copper coin and a zinc ( galvanised ) nail to make a battery with a lemon.

Blow up a balloon with lemon juice

Lemon juice is acidic, should you combine it with an alkali ( base ) corresponding to bicarbonate of soda the 2 will react to neutralise one another releasing carbon dioxide gasoline as a by product.

In case you add just a little lemon juice to a clear, empty bottle, after which pop a bit if bicarbonate of soda right into a balloon and place the balloon on high of the bottle so the bicarbonate of soda ( baking soda ) suggestions into the lemon juice, the carbon dioxide launched will fill the bottle after which inflate the balloon!

Make fizzy lemons

Make fizzy lemons by including just a little baking soda on to half a lemon and mixing it. Add just a little meals colouring for extra vibrant, fizzy enjoyable.

Drop a lemon right into a glass

Study in regards to the law of inertia with this straightforward demonstration of Newton’s First Regulation.

Make do-it-yourself lemonade

Use lemons, baking soda and water to make your individual fizzy lemonade! You’ll find a brilliant straightforward recipe for this in Snackable Science.

Invisible ink with lemon juice

Create your individual invisible ink with lemon juice. It is a quite simple science exercise that’s nice for youths of all ages. Older kids can experiment with lemons, limes and different acids. Write a message on white paper with lemon juice after which place in an oven to disclose it!

Are you able to suppose fo any extra science experiments utilizing lemons for us?


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