We are not rich by what we possess but by what we can do without – Immanuel Kant.


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Human beings from the day they’re born,

in article 1

are In constant search for happiness and satisfaction,

most return to where they came from,

after spending a lifetime In fruitless struggle to satisfy unlimited wants

and missing contentment which could be enjoyed without having all.

So the better you can do without the things you don’t have,
the richer you become.
The one who can do without the things they don’t have,
have found the most priceless possession,
elusive to many yet could be found by all.

The most priceless possession is knowing that you can’t have it all,
if you’re better than you were at the beginning then you’ve done your job,
what’s left is to sit back and enjoy the reward of your struggle
and find contentment in the fruits of your labor, no matter how small.;

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