There is no such thing as a longer any upholding of rules concerning integrity inside the ranks of the West’s varied elites. They conceive their continuous dishonesty and deceit is justified resulting from their being at struggle.

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“What struggle is that?”, some might ask, those that pay scant consideration to something however essentially the most banal of stories objects and studying matter.

It’s a struggle that’s arduous to overlook for these with eyes to see and ears to listen to nevertheless. And it’s a world struggle, not some native skirmish. It’s the struggle being waged by western elites to take care of their energy of affect over the world. It’s a struggle made infinitely worse, or no less than perpetual because of the desired finish aim, engendered by 9/11.

The aim is full domination of all potential or precise sources of insecurity concerning their energy and its upkeep. It is a aim that may be described in some ways utilizing many phrases. It requires ‘full spectrum dominance’ by ‘The West (to make use of shorthand to explain all of the elites concerned inside the political, media and army fields). It calls for submission by all doable entities to western calls for. It wants absolutely the safety of full oversight and manipulative entry and management. Finally it requires a jail planet the place no hazard of any sort is or will ever be allowed to exist which might endanger the USA (and very secondarily, its allies).

To engender, foster and set up the ambition described above no weapon is being omitted from the West’s arsenal. Each weapon ever used to subvert, undermine, weaken, destroy and remove an enemy is being deployed, and has been deployed for over a decade now. The top aim is of such overwhelming significance to every of the elites named {that a} uniform willingness to make use of even the dirtiest and most unprincipled weapons at their disposal are in fixed use.

Torture, kidnap (rendition), mass slaughter (invasion/proactive intervention) and a number of activist-enabled propaganda applications, black and psychological operations, the prostitution of all western mainstream journalism and the creation of a vacuum chamber of lies inside the West has been knowingly promulgated and continuously expanded with no limits required or searched for concerning frequency of use, power of utility or harm brought about. All are merely expedient methodologies discovered vital to realize the aim of a jail planet within the service of U.S. safety.

So the saying goes, ‘Fact is the primary casualty of struggle’. And with the requirement for reality goes each requirement for obeying the agreed norms of warfare. Thus now we have your complete western elite edifice at present. In whole struggle mode nothing is allowed to be left to probability. Whole populations of the West should be fed the required narratives and should hear solely the accepted speaking factors. No ‘different facet’ of any subject or occasion which contradicts, rebuts and even permits for questioning of state-required views, opinions or statements will be allowed to be given credence however should be handled with full scepticism, howled down and portrayed because the evil ways of the fixed and completely evil enemy.

No previous willingness to see all sides of any image is to be contemplated whereas the struggle continues and even the remotest chance of defeat stays. Whole loyalty and obedience is required and any refusal to undergo the strictures concerned will deliver punishment of their wake the place it’s thought of widespread attraction might consequence. Objectivity disappears in such an environment the place distinguished sources are recognized and cancelled as a matter of routine. Even those that proceed to hunt it are cowed into silence biding their time, hoping for higher days. Others, produce the supplies for the struggle effort they know will assure them skilled security. Silence for them is their best safety and that of all those that rely on the continued receipt of their salaries.

Your complete elite superstructure of the western world has been honed to this dysfunctional form of draconian insistence on the ‘proper viewpoint’, the ‘right method’ and the useful weaponising of speech and the written phrase. The vacuum chamber of reality in relation to Ukraine is the present most blatant instance of simply how far the rot inside the western world concerning truth-telling has gone. The killing discipline of silence, with the primary two deaths simply reported within the Lugansk area, might be continued with much more rigour than it has been for the earlier eight years in south-eastern Ukraine. Numerous atrocities went unreported within the West, no pleas for mercy had been heard, no studies of any sort from the villages, cities and cities beneath hearth from the Ukrainian military, its related militias, militants and mercenaries had been heard.

The newest censorship of all struggle crimes now being perpetrated by the forces named above is whole. In the meantime the reality is turned on its head with claims of Russian wrongdoing, provocations and any variety of detrimental claims that may be dredged up from the minds in charge of info from the entrance line on this struggle. The degradation of all rules concerning the communication of info in something approaching honesty has been completely and completely deserted within the furtherance of the last word aim of making the de facto jail planet described above.

It represents nothing lower than the dying of all honesty of your complete cabal of western elites within the furtherance of their aim, a de facto jail planet they alone dominate and management.




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