Warfare on the agricultural West an inexpensive political slogan? Polis needs you to recover from it.


Consideration rural Coloradans who for generations have felt trod upon or taken without any consideration, abused or simply ignored by your state leaders on the civilized Entrance Vary: Shut up and sit down, you’re simply imagining issues.

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So believes Gov. Polis, who’s up for reelection and shelling out profoundly idiotic gibberish that we aren’t all of Colorado with out all of Colorado.

PeakNation™ will bear in mind former state Rep. Cole Wist of Centennial who was a Democrat earlier than he switched to the Republican Social gathering to get elected years in the past, then switched to unbiased after leaving workplace, and now appears to be performing as Polis’s mouthpiece.

Wist thinks all this discuss some type of conflict on the agricultural west is only a low-cost political slogan — delusional tales informed by grasping mountain of us who gained’t share their water, fabrications by hallucinating ranchers who think about wolves are feeding on their cattle relatively than daisies and lollipops. 

As a substitute of dividing us all into camps of 72 totally different genders, or race, faith, labor unions, and political ideology, Wist and Polis need rural Coloradans to cease being so divisive and determine themselves as Boulderites. 

For apparent causes, neither of their tweets went over effectively.

Polis and Wist weren’t with out their supporters, like this one, who agreed there was no rural and concrete divide.

The issue is that individuals who don’t dwell in cities are only a bunch of white racists.



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