US Declared Conflict on Russia and Ukraine in 2014 (and on Pakistan At the moment)


In as we speak’s False Flag Weekly Information (click on HERE to watch on Rumble and HERE for links) Dr. E. Michael Jones and I agreed that the present battle in Ukraine is a US battle of aggression towards Russia. Why? As a result of when the CIA overthrew Ukraine’s professional democratically-elected president, Viktor Yanukovych, in 2014—and changed him with a junta of neo-Nazi Gladio operatives and neocon-linked oligarchs, turning Ukraine right into a knife at Russia’s throat—the US unofficially declared battle on Russia.

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I’m considering headlining my subsequent American Free Press article “Why the CIA Overthrew Imran Khan—and Yanukovych (and Dozens of Different Heads of State).” The rationale, in fact, is that Khan, Yanukovych, and the numerous different victims of CIA coups d’état refused to observe American orders and act towards their very own individuals’s pursuits. John Perkins explains the way it works in Confessions of an Financial Hit Man. The People and their imperial establishments (together with the World Financial institution) make a proposal that the pinnacle of state can’t refuse. The financial hit man (EHM) says: “I’ve a fistful of gold in a single hand, and a bullet within the different. Which would you like?” If the pinnacle of state demurs, he’s overthrown or assassinated. If that may’t be organized, the US invades his nation and dispatches him.

Imran Khan was overthrown as we speak by the People and their bought-and-paid-for Pakistani politicians because Khan was honest and refused to impoverish his people by remaining in the US orbit. As a substitute Khan accepted rather more profitable affords from China—affords to assist Pakistan develop and pull its individuals out of poverty. And China, in contrast to the US, doesn’t insist on obedience; it’s completely happy to make win-win offers with absolutely unbiased sovereign nations.

Yanukovych, too, refused to just accept a US-EU deal that might have impoverished his individuals. As a substitute he opted for a way more profitable Russian provide, as he defined in Oliver Stone’s must-see documentary Ukraine on Fire. US operatives responded by overthrowing him in a shade revolution coup, whose Orwellian appellation, scripted by some CIA-Soros apparatchik, is the “revolution of dignity.”

Look what occurs while you ask the CIA, which runs Google, in regards to the “2014 Ukraine coup”:

The US overthrow of the professional authorities of Ukraine was basically a US declaration of battle on Ukraine in addition to on Russia. All patriotic Ukrainians, if they’d any dignity (to not point out brains), ought to have acknowledged that their nation was at battle with the US and acted accordingly. And lots of did. I’m talking of the courageous patriots of Crimea and the Donbass, who’ve been resisting the US puppet authorities with all the pieces they’ve, and struggling slow-motion-genocide for his or her pains, since 2014.

Likewise, as of as we speak, April 9, 2022, each patriotic Pakistani is at battle with the US and may act accordingly.


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