Apparently in case you are a Russian firm and even merely a Russian citizen something you could have might be taken from you and given to Ukraine.

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Whether or not you could have something to do with the Russian state or not, merely being a Russian firm or a Russian means you’re honest sport to have all of your cash and something you personal taken away.

Neither worldwide nor nationwide legislation will help you in case you occur to be a Russian citizen with belongings of any sort overseas. These belongings might be taken simply due to your nationality. Criminality is now open to be outlined by western states, not by any canon of legislation.

Whereas the belongings of Russians might be relieved from them fairly arbitrarily, equivalent to these of Putin’s two daughters who’ve apparently been convicted out of courtroom just by being Putin’s daughters.

All that is an fascinating facet of the ‘rules-based order’ that western politicians equivalent to Joe Biden say would be the basis of a vibrant new future for our world. Presumably in that world additionally the choose, jury and executioner shall be the USA exercising the ability to determine on such points fairly above worldwide legislation, the United Nations and any and all different establishments of this world designed to take care of a steady enjoying discipline of probity, justice and equanimity.

We’re within the extraordinary state of affairs of an entity, the USA of America stating that democracy is all appearing as world dictator with nationwide mini-Hitlers doing its bidding.

In the meantime the federal government and mass media of that nation is overtly stating that it’s altering data to swimsuit the battle in opposition to Russia and creating its personal “information” in that battle designed to dismay and confuse the enemy and persuade western populations of their evil.

All of the whereas a big minority of these they help in Ukraine are torturing and murdering Russian prisoners of battle.

What sort of world is it that the USA is REALLY creating on this second? Is it actually to be a democratic world primarily based on ‘western liberal values’ or is it to be a criminal-run entity with a dictatorial grasp? Is that world to be the tolerant entity that so many hope for or is to to be primarily based on a really selective tolerance for obedience to sure necessities and large INTOLERANCE for all else?

Go searching at what you see occurring now and the reply is evident.

On account of a rabid Ukraine mania we have now entered a post-fact, post-law and doubtlessly a post-Russian world.


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