Some Anti-Authorities Creeps Arrested In Truckerpalooza Raid Plotted To Kill Cops, Quelle Shock


Extra on these gun-toting weirdos arrested Monday close to the then-blockaded Coutts border crossing between Alberta and Montana. First off, the border crossing was reopened Tuesday after the cell antivaxxer slob picnic cleared out, in order that’s good.

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Lees cheerful, although, is that 4 of the 11 individuals arrested have been charged with conspiracy to murder members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The others had been charged with “possession of a weapon for harmful objective” and the virtually quaint-sounding cost of “mischief over $5,000.”

Additionally too, as Vice News reports, two of the members of the small group of radicals are related to a “shitposting far-Proper group” that advocates for armed insurrection, shares anti-semitic and anti-government memes, and thinks it could be neat to overthrow the US and Canadian governments for the aim of making a brand new far-Proper nation making up roughly half the North American continent. Sure, that is largely a bullshit thought, however just like the American “Boogaloo bois” motion, it is motivated by conspiracy theories and far-Proper energy and revenge fantasies. Simply joking, solely critical.

Vice Information notes some telling particulars within the patches affixed to physique armor seized within the raid:

Within the picture, you’ll be able to see plate carriers contained a number of patches, an “infidel” patch that’s common within the anti-Islam group, and a easy patch with a white line scrawled throughout it. This image corresponds to the web group of Diagolon—it’s named for the concept they’d slash Canada and the states diagonally and the western facet could possibly be their new separated dwelling.

Whereas the thought is kind of a meme, a really actual group round it has shaped regional teams. The group’s members are inspired to community offline and construct offline communities who meet up and educate one another expertise in survivalism, firearms, and extra. VICE World Information has considered chapters for this all around the nation, a number of of which have held meetups.

Yep, this “Diagolon” factor is outwardly one more new rightwing buzzword we’ll want to fret about now.

And what high quality individuals they’re! American Boogaloo Bois have their very own insider jokes and jargon, like carrying Hawaiian shirts (for the “huge luau,” GET IT), whereas Diagolon dipshits name themselves the “Plaid Military,” in response to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN). The motion is loosely organized round a number of far-Proper figures who stream hatey stuff on-line, with a concentrate on conspiracy theories, white nationalism, and discuss of violent revolution:

Diagolon is more and more changing into a militia community. Their targets are in the end fascist: to make use of violence to take energy and strip rights away from individuals who don’t meet their purity exams primarily based on ideology, race, and gender. With energy or permission, they’d execute their perceived enemies. Their motto is “gun or rope.”

Additionally they cheekily name themselves “bigots” and chuckle about how transgressive that’s. Their imaginative and prescient for a brand new nation is much extra formidable than earlier wingnut fantasies about turning the Pacific Northwest right into a whites-only paradise, too:

The idea of Diagolon began as a joke among the many Plaid Military streamers. Operating southeast from Alaska, capturing a lot of the western provinces, and ending in Florida, it envisions absorbing the “sane” areas of North America into a brand new nation within the form of a slash. It’s develop into the image and identifier for Plaid Military followers who push one another to coach and put together for a coming battle. They’re particularly animated by their perception that there’s a sinister plot behind COVID-19 and public well being measures.

No, do not trouble asking “what about California?” They know their revolution is not going to occur, whilst they arm up in hopes of a pleasant civilizational collapse to pressure the difficulty. We’d guess they’re all effectively versed in The Turner Diaries, with its “Day of the Rope” for all of the minorities and race traitors.

Vice Information says there’s evidence connecting two of those arrested Monday with the Diagolon motion:

Maybe most significantly is a photograph that exhibits [Diagolon’s de facto leader Jeremy] MacKenzie subsequent to Christopher Lysak, one of many males charged with conspiracy to commit homicide. The photograph, which was supplied to VICE World Information by the Canadian Anti-Hate Community, exhibits Lysak and MacKenzie ingesting beers and smiling on the digicam.

From Twitter, here’s the photo:

One other of the blokes charged with conspiracy to homicide, Chris Carbert, posted screenshots of Diagolon chats on-line, and also posted “a picture from inside Smuggler’s Saloon in Coutts (the protest headquarters) and pleaded together with his on-line mates for “assist and assist.”

Vice explains that Diagolon leader MacKenzie is just a really fine fellow who insists there’s completely no connection between his group and the individuals arrested Monday, as a result of false flag I by no means met the man I am pictured with:

Each MacKenzie and the group seized upon the liberty convoy protests. He advised his viewers that is “our final shot” and advised his followers to “be on their greatest behaviour.” MacKenzie and his vlogging cohorts grew to become identified after a video of one in every of them saying they hoped the trucker convoy would become Canada’s Jan 6 was released.

For the reason that arrests, MacKenzie has tried to distance himself from the group. […]

These nonetheless lively inside the group are treating the arrests like a false-flag occasion that was arrange by the RCMP.

“Whole false flag,” wrote one member. “They weren’t even a part of the convoy.”

That is the road MacKenzie has taken because the arrests close to Coutts, insisting that he does not know any of the individuals arrested, and that golly anybody might have planted these Diagolon patches to make it appear like the motion was related with criming. False Flag! False Flag!

In a livestream posted shortly after the arrests, a paranoid and despondent MacKenzie mentioned, “There was some community-associated paraphernalia confiscated.” He advised his viewers that “the state of affairs is admittedly unhealthy proper now” and “it’s tough to navigate this and discuss it in a method that doesn’t utterly fuck myself ’reason behind authorized causes.”

Gosh, why would he be afraid of incriminating himself? Absolutely he has accomplished nothing untoward.

Someplace in there, MacKenzie appears to have forgotten he did not know any of the alleged conspirators, as a result of he got here out and requested for individuals to hope for them as a result of they’re actually good individuals:

They received arrested, we’ve not heard from them, and we don’t know what’s happening. There are some rumours they’re getting fucking charged with some heavy shit.

I don’t know what is going on there. I do know as a lot as you do, however I do know they’re not unhealthy guys, I do know they’re not unhealthy individuals. We received to have one another’s again.

In different information, again in Ottawa, two of the leaders of the “Freedom Convoy,” Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, were arrested yesterday and charged with “counselling to commit mischief.” As well as, Barber was charged with “counselling to disobey a courtroom order” and “counselling to impede police.” See what occurs when a rustic does not have a First Modification? Individuals might be charged with crimes only for providing counselling companies!

We suppose it will not be lengthy till American rightwingers begin calling all these arrested “political prisoners” and fundraising on their behalf, or no less than utilizing the arrests to fundraise for themselves. Oh proper, Gary’s writing that up proper now.

[Vice News / CAHN / CBC]

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