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Oklahoma’s Senate race goes to a blow-out within the fall for whomever Sooner State voters nominate for the GOP line on the poll. A problem of nice and maybe dispositive significance to voters there’s the McGirt decision by the Supreme Court in 2020 which threw the state felony justice system into disarray. Grey defined it to me this AM and why his proposed resolution divides him sharply from Shannon:

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HH: We begin with Alex Grey, who’s in Oklahoma the place he’s operating for the GOP nomination in opposition to a crowded area. You’ll be able to observe Alexa @AlexGrayForOK, @AlexGrayForOK. That’s, after all, the abbreviation for Oklahoma for the advantage of the Steelers followers. Alex, how are you? Good morning, my pal.

AG: Hey, thanks for having me, Hugh.

HH: It’s nice to have you ever again. Alex is a member of the Nixon Seminar. I’ve identified him for a half dozen years. He was chief of employees on the Nationwide Safety Council, served 4 years within the Trump White Home. As I stated, a crowded area in Oklahoma the place I’ve bought to ask you concerning the abortion determination. However I additionally wish to know concerning the McGirt determination and whether or not, how a lot does that matter on this area, Alex Grey?

AG: Nicely, I believe the McGirt case shouldn’t be solely crucial problem going through Oklahoma on a daily degree, Hugh, it’s crucial problem, I believe, in figuring out the kind of senator that Oklahomans are going to have. And I say that as a result of it’s a kind of points the place you recognize, numerous particular pursuits who’ve been pushing candidates within the route of the established order, and proper now, the established order is devastating for Oklahomans. You’ve bought 18,000 circumstances, felony circumstances, which were pushed from state to federal courtroom, and that implies that the federal system is completely overwhelmed, and so they’re unable to prosecute an enormous variety of circumstances. In practicality, that implies that rapists and murderers are literally going unpunished. And also you’ve bought individuals out on the road who must be locked up victimizing our most weak inhabitants, our native inhabitants. And persons are dwelling in worry. It’s an enormous problem. It’s additionally an ethical problem, Hugh, as a result of there’s nothing extra vital within the American system of justice than an equal system of justice the place there’s one algorithm that apply to all People, all Oklahomans. And proper now below McGirt, you could have within the jap half of our state, a two-tiered system of justice. One system for one group primarily based completely on ancestry, and one system for the remainder of the state. And it’s completely antithetical to the fundamental American premise of equal justice for all. So my place on this, Hugh, is totally different than the remainder of the sector. My place is this can be a disaster for our state. I stand very strongly with our governor, Kevin Stitt, who’s been brave on this problem, and I’ve stated look, on my very first day as United States senator, I’m going to introduce laws to disestablish the 5 historic Indian reservations that the U.S. Supreme Court docket in McGirt form of created out of entire fabric. These are reservations that hadn’t existed in practicality for over a century, and the Court docket discovered them, in centuries-old laws, and that’s how we’re on this mess. I might take the politically tough determination to introduce laws to disestablish these reservations and begin the method of fixing the mess that McGirt put us in. I’ll simply inform you this, Hugh. As a distinction, T.W. Shannon, who’s operating in opposition to me on this contest, T.W. Shannon truly supported an amicus transient on behalf of Jim C. McGirt, an individual who had repeatedly raped a four-year outdated, as a substitute of standing with the state of Oklahoma. And in that, you recognize, that’s how we bought into this mess. That’s how we ended up on this disaster within the first place. And so as a substitute of standing with the state of Oklahoma and making an attempt to unravel this disaster, we’ve had too many candidates and too many elected officers who’re siding with particular pursuits as a substitute of making an attempt to unravel the underlying downside right here.

HH: Alex Grey, what does Mr. Shannon say about an amicus transient? As a result of you recognize, his job doesn’t require him to signal amicus briefs, or didn’t require him to signal amicus briefs, appropriate?

AG: No, it didn’t, and he selected to do it of his personal accord. He selected, you recognize, he selected, he’s not an elected official, and he decided that he was going to aspect slightly than siding with the state of Oklahoma, he was going to aspect with Jim C. McGirt. And to me, Hugh, you recognize, whenever you’re operating for elected workplace, you’ve bought a call to make. And the choice is do you wish to make the brave determination? Do you wish to do one thing that perhaps politically is tough, or do you wish to stand with particular pursuits, or do you wish to stand with, you recognize, the place the cash is?

HH: And Alex, I’ve bought to pause there. Most People don’t take care of tribal political curiosity, and by tribal, I imply Native American tribes acknowledged by state governments which have sovereign authority over their land which often leads to gaming, which often leads to extraordinary political prowess like they maintain and wield deftly and lethally, truly, in a political sense, within the state of California. Is Oklahoma that approach? By taking a stand to disestablish tribes, are you risking the wrath of the tribes within the main?

AG: Nicely, let me put it this fashion, Hugh. We now have numerous, I personally, and I believe most Oklahomans, have an incredible quantity of respect for what we name the idea of tribal sovereignty. That is the idea that the tribes do get to train quite a lot of autonomy and sovereignty, and it’s a system that goes again to earlier than we grew to become a state in 1907, and it’s one thing that’s been very particular and distinctive in how Oklahoma and the state and federal authorities work together. Now sadly, McGirt took a system that was working very nicely and threw it on its head. Sadly, a few of our tribal leaders in Oklahoma have chosen to take the place that they wish to see McGirt perpetuated. And Mr. Shannon has chosen to observe, to go along with that place. The irony right here, Hugh, is that for those who discuss to enrolled tribal members, common on a regular basis Oklahomans who’re additionally members of one among our tribes, they’re virtually to a, everybody I discuss to out in locations like Antlers, Oklahoma, and Hugo, and you recognize, out in what the Court docket is now calling Indian nation, these are the people who find themselves affected by the McGirt case daily, as a result of they’re those who’re dwelling with the results of criminals operating amok. So Mr. Shannon is selecting to assist the Native American management, the tribal management slightly than standing with the tribal members who’re struggling daily due to McGirt.

HH: All proper, now Alex, yesterday I had on Scott Pruitt, and I wish to ask you a similar query I requested him. I didn’t ask him about this, as a result of I believe I lined it earlier with him. Does, what’s Alex Grey’s place on the Dobbs case, the draft, the leak, and all of that? I do know you’re not the lawyer that Scott is, however what, you’ve bought to have a place on life points for those who’re operating in Oklahoma.

AG: Nicely, I’m strongly pro-life, Hugh, and I’m very happy with the truth that our state has already handed among the strongest pro-life laws in the USA that Governor Stitt just lately signed, some exceptionally sturdy laws in assist of life. And you recognize, I believe one of the vital disturbing components of what’s occurring now, as I’m positive you’ve lined extensively, is that the leak of the Dobbs draft determination by Justice Alito represents a unprecedented try to bully the Court docket and to break the establishment of the Court docket, and to try to, clearly an try to intimidate the justices to get to an end result that clearly, you recognize, sure activists need, which I believe is to proceed the established order of Roe V. Wade. And that’s an extremely damaging precedent to have the justices uncovered to that sort of public strain. And so I believe, you recognize, we hear from the left on a regular basis concerning the threats to democracy, and you recognize, we heard from President Biden simply the opposite day that the MAGA motion is essentially the most excessive within the historical past of the USA. Nicely, we now have a bunch of progressive woke activists who’ve so, who’re making an attempt to so arduous to strain the U.S. Supreme Court docket within the route that they need, that Justice Alito can’t even converse in public proper now. So we’ve bought to be, you recognize, not solely am I clearly desirous to see the Supreme Court docket capable of train its unbiased in the best way the founders meant, however I very a lot hope as a matter of legislation that we’ll get to a spot the place, you recognize, the place the Roe case is revisited. And from studying the preliminary draft of Justice Alito’s opinion, it definitely seems like his logic there’s very sound and really spectacular.

HH: Alex Grey, we’ve got one minute left. I’ve bought to ask you about inflation and the market blow-off yesterday. We’re in a bear market. It’s a correction. It at all times occurs. It’s nothing to panic about. Individuals shouldn’t promote. However inflation is crushing seniors on mounted incomes. How typically does it come up on the marketing campaign path?

AG: Nicely, it’s most likely, I might say, Hugh, it’s actually the difficulty that comes up essentially the most, as a result of whether or not it’s power coverage, whether or not it’s agriculture coverage, no matter it’s, inflation is the unifying issue. And it’s one thing that each Oklahoman feels in his or her pockets, and it truly is changing into a query of are you going to refill your tank, or are you going to take the children to summer season camp? Are you going to have the ability to put meals on the desk? I imply, it’s forcing some terribly tough selections for on a regular basis Oklahomans. And the sense that we’re getting from Washington is the Biden administration simply doesn’t care.

HH: That’s nicely and aptly put. Alex Grey, thanks. Go be part of his Twitter following @AlexGrayForOK.

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