Inexperienced Occasion Runs Out of Native Voter Endorsements


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Inexperienced Occasion Runs Out of Native Voter Endorsements

For anybody who thinks LibDem bar charts are the largest fibs being posted by means of folks’s letterboxes at election time, try the blag being pulled off by the Worcester Inexperienced Occasion. Voters in Gorse Hill Ward are at the moment receiving marketing campaign leaflets for Inexperienced candidate Heather McNeillis, who has a glowing endorsement from a ‘Nicola’ of Honister Drive:

“I often vote Conservative, however this time I’m voting for Heather as a result of she is going to assist make optimistic modifications to our space.”

Sadly, the Greens tripped themself up by together with a photograph of stated ‘Nicola’ on the leaflet. Looking one ward south to Nunnery we see a remarkably similar-looking girl seems to be standing for the Inexperienced Occasion.

Nicola’s doppelgänger goes by the title of Nicky Silvester, nonetheless, so it couldn’t presumably be the identical individual… Might it?

Hat-tip: Michael Foster


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