World Meals Safety – Soil is the most important carbon sink on our planet


Interview with CEO – Sir, Chrysostomos Vassili of the Vassili Group LLC

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CEO of the Vassili Group LLC, Sir Chrysostomos Vassil, expressing his views on international food-security and why all of us must take discover.

I requested Sir Vassili to offer a couple of examples of why he believes international meals safety is a severe subject in our current time
The examples he gave have been as follows:

It’s estimated that one in three folks on the planet (2.37 billion) didn’t have entry to satisfactory meals in 2020 – that’s a rise of just about 320 million folks in only one 12 months and this quantity is rising.

So we should ask ourselves, are we producing sufficient meals that may maintain satisfactory meals manufacturing to feed complete human and animal inhabitants on our planet and do now we have a plan to supply meals to feed our future human inhabitants expansions? The reply isn’t any to all, which ought to concern us all.


1) USA imports 15% of its general meals provide
2) UK imports 45% of its general meals provide
3) Germany imports 22% of its general meals provide
4) France imports 10.5% of its general meals provide
5) Italy imports 11.2% of its general meals provide
6) Spain imports 12% of its general meals provide
7) Portugal imports 15.4% of its general meals provide
8) Greece imports 13% of its general meals provide

So on common, we will say that each one international locations are exhibiting that they’re vital between 10-20% of all meals they eat, which implies if all have a meals deficit of 10-20% then that might account for the one in three folks on the planet (2.37 billion) didn’t have entry to satisfactory meals.

Now add to this food-security points which can be unexpected, resembling occasions of lack of rain, drought, crop illnesses, soil erosion, conflict and different environmental disasters, no additional farming land left to broaden and farm,  in addition to the continuous international growth of human inhabitants and animal inhabitants growth to fulfill human inhabitants consumption for meat and fish and animal feed to maintain them, and eventually the USD$100-billion meat trade for the manufacturing of pet meals for loving pets of cats and canine, who additionally must eat and survive, and most would by no means survive within the wild as domesticated pets, which implies they’re dependent upon people to supply their meals to outlive .

This merely exhibits that meals safety is already a severe subject and requires restructuring into new sustainable applied sciences along with land farming, which requires nice funding and growth in order to result in sustainable long run meals safety globally.

So allow us to take a look at a couple of vital level –

1) Creating feed for animals creates massive scale environmental destruction, lack of bio range within the soil, lack of water assets, deforestation, makes use of of pesticides, fertilizers, a lot of which run into the soil and pure water system resembling streams, lakes, rivers and oceans and create useless zones that kill roughly 212,000 metric tons of fish a 12 months and there are over 400 websites like this globally, destroying pure meals supply yearly for over half a billion folks on our planet.

2) To create a single plant base burger provides 3.5 kilos of carbon to our environment, and a meat beef burger provides it again into our soil through animal waste, the place it belongs  – It’s argued that we should always eat extra plant primarily based meals and fewer meats, however it’s counter-argued and confirmed that  e.g. farming to create a Soy-Burger/Plant primarily based Burger provides 3.5 kilos of Co2/Carbon to the setting. Briefly, to develop sufficient Soy to create one plant primarily based burger provides 3.5 kilos of carbon to the setting and to develop sufficient beef to create one beef burger provides again 3.5 kilos of carbon to the setting through animal wastes which naturally fertilizes the soil, the meat off-sets the environmental destruction created by the grown soy plant burger, and that is due to the quantity of pure waste the animal places again into the soil. This can be a factual basic argument, which resolves nothing, if something, it results in extra argument on the topic, and achieves no viable options.

3) Soil is the most important carbon sink on the planet, it might maintain 3 occasions the quantity of carbon in our environment. The waste from farmed animals naturally fertilizes the soil and places again the three.5 kilos of carbon into our soil, but this shall be counter argued by many various components, one in all which is the pure bodily gasoline animals launch, which is believed to be damaging our surroundings/environment, so we discover ourselves as soon as once more arguing backwards and forwards on the topic.

4) We lose 200,000 Tons of soil EVERY HOUR, we free soil equal to the scale of Nicaragua or North Korea EVERY YEAR. Based on the United Nations now we have 60 Harvest Left and thereafter we can have a worldwide meals disaster that can trigger famine globally. The 60 harvest timetable predicted may strongly be argued that with higher agricultural farming practices we will farm with out points for an additional 100+ years and others could even argue one other 1000 years, however in actuality this isn’t an answer, we should always not have time frames on our meals safety, and so long as we’re dominantly relying upon fertile soil to develop our meals, which does have a life span, then we should search extra sustainable and environmentally pleasant options, sooner, reasonably than later.

5) You will need to perceive that this isn’t about whether or not we should always convert from meat consuming carnivores to plant eaters solely, and all to grow to be Vegans or visa-versa, or maintain a steadiness between each, quite the opposite, whether or not we grow to be vegan or stay as meat consuming societies, the injury continues to be inevitable to our land primarily based farmed soils and our surroundings. Land primarily based farming for animal feed or human feed provides equally a big carbon footprint and eradicates our fertile soils which we as a human race depend on as our meals supply and survival, and let’s not overlook our pets.

6) Prior to now farmers would permit their lands to relaxation a 12 months skipping a crop manufacturing, in sure fields/lands, in order that the land can revive and replenish itself, however in at the moment’s world the place our populations proceed to broaden and any kind of interruption in meals manufacturing will create shortages which may create main meals safety points, it’s not doable to use the outdated strategies of farming globally.

7) Additionally, this isn’t about whether or not plant primarily based meals is more healthy than meat primarily based meals or visa versa, that is one other pointless and limitless argument, for instance, as hunter gatherers we ate over 800 species of vegetation, at the moment we eat a mere fraction of such wild grown vegetation, the remainder now we have forgotten about and not eat nor farm and most edible wild plant species rising within the wild, now we have worn out and destroyed attributable to business plant farming, decreasing our wild plant meals safety by as much as 95% lower than what it needs to be, and as for meat, some cultures just like the plains Indians of Dakota USA lived totally on Buffalo meat all 12 months spherical they usually have been a few of the healthiest and longest lived folks in historical past, one may even argue that the Liver of an animal accommodates extra mixed Nutritional vitamins and Minerals than some other plant or fruit on the planet, and regarded a prime Tremendous-Meals, however we might not logically contemplate that as a every day dietary meals consumption nor as a substitute to the a number of vegetation and fruits we would wish to eat to get the identical advantages of consuming Liver.

That is about FOOD-SECURITY and the way we should begin to higher our growth of food-production and safety and never about Greens v Meats. It’s about meals being developed in an environmentally pleasant and steady means so we will keep away from international famine disasters in our close to future and definitely inside our lifetime and to safeguard our planet and all dwelling issues upon it.

8) Even when we have been to dismiss the UN  warning of 60 Harvest left as fiction and nonsense, the very fact will nonetheless stay that we already endure international meals shortages TODAY, agricultural land doesn’t enhance in its dimension, and if it did it is going to be on the expense of deforestation which ends up in extra environmental catastrophe, however, one proven fact that exist and can’t be argued with is that we as a human race do enhance in numbers, world inhabitants will increase by the second, but our current food-security which is already strained won’t ever be capable of enhance primarily based on our current agricultural lands already farmed for human meals and animal feed, it is not going to enhance to fulfill the rising international inhabitants. Our close to future will endure food-security points until we apply completely different applied sciences that can drastically scale back the quantity of land farming required at current to feed the worldwide human inhabitants and create better and more healthy crop yields.

How will we enhance our crop yields by 100% or extra to create higher and more healthy crops with zero adverse impression on our surroundings and soil, with out requiring extra agricultural Land?


Those who query on whether or not we will maintain food-security for current inhabitants, then let me refresh what I stated above –‘’one in three folks on the planet (2.37 billion) didn’t have entry to satisfactory meals in 2020’’

Many will attempt to argue this as being all attributable to Covid-19, however the actuality is that crops don’t cease rising due to Covid-19 and animal farming for meat and poultry didn’t cease attributable to Covid-19, and I ask anybody to attempt to identify a single 12 months in previous century the place there wasn’t meals shortages and famine taking place in our world.

We merely want to take a look at the farmed lands out there to us on our planet –


  1. Earth floor is simply 29% land which equates to 149 million km2
  2. Earth ocean is 71%  which equates to 361million km2
  3. Earth Liveable land floor (Common)  71% which equates to 104 million km2
  4. Earth Glaciers land floor is 10% which equates to fifteen million km2
  5. Earth Barren land floor is nineteen% which equates to twenty-eight million km2
  6. Earth Human Recurring land is 50% which equates to 51 million km2
  7. Earth Forests is 37% which equates to 39 million km2
  8. Earth Shrub lands is 11% which equates to 10,909,090 million km2
  9. Earth City and built-up land is 1% which equates to 1,090,909 km2
  10. Earth Contemporary Water is 1% which equates to 1,090,909 km2
  11. Earth Animal Feed, Meat Dairy Agricultural land is 77% which is 40 million km2
  12. Earth human Crops Agricultural land is 23% which equates to 11 million km2
  13. Earth / World Meat & Dairy Energy provide 18%
  14. Earth / World Plant Based mostly Energy provide 83%
  15. Earth / World Meat & Dairy Protein Provide 37%
  16. Earth / World Plant Based mostly Protein Provide 63%

So we both begin creating extra farmlands, clearly by destroying extra of the environment, echo system and animal and flowers, in addition to very important forests, or we grow to be creative.

We consider that the way forward for food-security should come from Hydroponics, Aquatics, Aquaponics and Aqua’B’ponics

Transient instance –

HYDROPONICS is the cultivation of vegetation with out utilizing soil, a soil FREE answer. Hydroponic flowers, herbs, and greens are planted in inert rising media and provided with nutrient-rich options, oxygen, and water. This method fosters fast progress, stronger yields, and superior more healthy high quality vegetation.  Makes use of 95% much less water than land farming, no pesticides, no fertilizers, soil free, insect and illness free, as much as 98% much less crop waste, can develop all 12 months spherical in any setting globally, creates more healthy and cleaner crops with zero injury to our soils and setting, and 52 Acre Hydroponic Website can develop equal to eight,000 Acres of land primarily based crops.

2) AQUAPONICS is a system of aquaculture wherein the waste produced by farmed fish or different aquatic creatures provides the vitamins for vegetation grown hydroponically, which in flip purify the water. Aquaponics has an automated recirculating system, aquaponics doesn’t require a lot monitoring or measuring, reusing and recycling the identical water and vegetation are fertilized from fish waste, supplying a stead yield of plant primarily based meals and protean/fish. This has zero impression on our rivers, lakes and sea, it permits current fish shares to extend naturally in their very own setting which reinforces our meals future meals safety.

3) AQUA’B’PONICS is AQUAPONICS with a an added system that grows flowers and vegetation for Honey Bees, and bee protecting, in order that the system harvests, edible greens, fish and pure wholesome honey all 12 months spherical with zero impression on our surroundings.

4) AQUACULTURE is fish farming both in lakes or sea, nonetheless, VGPIP solely funds Land Based mostly Aquatics, which recirculates and rejuvenates the identical water with zero impression on our surroundings. Creating 100% wholesome Natural Fish, with zero illness or infestations or contaminations, utilizing naturally farmed plant feed grown organically in hydroponic programs and from natural insect farming to create pure natural feed.

We’re planning throughout 2022-2035 to spend money on following areas in order that we will create food-security –

  • Develop in USA, UK, Europe & Africa, a minimal of 1000+Giant Scale Hydroponic Centres, on a complete mixed land space of 52,000 Acres, of which the land shall be non-agricultural land, producing vegetable and fruit crops equal to the crop yield of 8,000,000 acres of ”Grade-1” agricultural land farming, unaffected by local weather change or the setting, producing sustainable yields of natural meals for 100+ years. Based mostly on programs that makes use of 95% much less water than farm lands, soil free, insect and illness free, might be grown in any setting.2)  Develop within the USA, UK, Europe & Africa a minimal of 200+ Aquaculture Centres, on a complete mixed land space of 40,000 acres of which the land shall be non-agricultural land, producing natural fish varieties for human consumption, producing a complete of 55,000,000 Tons per 12 months of natural fish, producing sustainable yields of natural meals for 100+ years. Based mostly on similar water circulation programs, with 2% water loss yearly.3) The Hydroponics and Aquaponic Facilities are aimed to be developed on outskirts of cities and cities and the scale of every growth will fluctuate in accordance to inhabitants ratio and current meals produce infrastructure

    5) Every challenge shall be powered by a hybrid of renewable inexperienced vitality plant, with its personal battery storage and electrical substations, which permits every challenge to function 100% on renewable clear inexperienced vitality with a zero CO2 emissions and carbon footprint, have a zero adverse impression on local weather change, or on any animal, insect or chicken life.

    6) The event of Water Remedy Crops, Bore Wells, Desalination Crops and Distillation Crops to provide water

    7) The tasks will create general in whole as much as 1,700,000 direct new jobs and as much as 12,000,000 oblique jobs, globally

    8) The meals produce of this aimed challenge will be along with the present international meals produce, it can present food-security globally and assist eradicate starvation and famine and supply the chance to create new crops in areas that might not be doable to develop and guarantee food-security is sustained and steady for the following 100+ years to fulfill our current and future international populations.

    We maintain an ethos which is concentrated on tasks for the final advantage of society and with respect to humanitarian functions, and these aimed tasks are very important to maintain and enhance our current and future international meals safety.

with out such tasks, we are going to between now and 2035 danger unimaginable human struggling that the world has by no means confronted earlier than in its recorded human historical past, with extra refugee financial migration rising globally merely out of must eat, we should act now to use sustainable food-security for all mankind.

We should all transfer away from this diversional timewasting argument of VEG or MEAT dietary selection and market instructions, it removes us from the truth of meals shortages we’re all presently experiencing and meals costs which have elevated 10-40% globally, which mirror meals shortages, let’s all please prioritise this topic and all give attention to meals manufacturing that’s sustainable and meets our international populations and never simply a few of us.

We noticed throughout Covid-19 the loopy panic rushes to supermarkets for meals hoarding in addition to different necessities, so we will say that human response to retailer meals with out a lot consideration of others and their wants for meals, was seen globally, some known as this shameful behaviour, others known as itself preservation, and others referred to it as panic and human nature to react in such a means, and curiously, this was not attributable to lack of meals or meals shortages, this was primarily attributable to late meals deliveries attributable to lack of motion.

Can we think about how the human inhabitants would truly react if there was a public announcement that we not solely don’t produce sufficient meals to feed complete inhabitants however can not feed future populations with current farming lands?

My recommendation to all, is develop your individual meals, irrespective of how little it might be, even when it’s only a window field, it’s not the quantity that you’ll develop that issues, the truth that we’re reconnecting to studying find out how to develop our personal meals is a serious training in our personal self-preservation, so let’s educate ourselves and our kids how meals is grown and the way we might be self-reliant if we would have liked to be, if something we are going to re-educate our current and future generations on how we will all develop our personal meals.

Rising meals was the primary exercise that gave us sufficient prosperity to settle and lay foundations in a single place, kind advanced social teams, inform our tales, and construct our cities, and each human being knew find out how to develop meals.

Talking to handful of youngsters from age of 10-17, most couldn’t recognise the names of most greens and plenty of thought they only seem in supermarkets as if by magic, and after I requested, ‘if meals ran out, what would you do’ and the one reply given was ‘’go to supermarkets’’. None knew how meals is produced or grown, half thought potatoes grew on timber like apples; the purpose that I get to is, ‘’why aren’t faculties educating very important training on how meals is farmed or to a minimum of recognise and establish the meals sorts every baby consumes every day’’, such easy training which is important for our human survival is totally ignored inside faculties.

Kids are to date faraway from the truth on how our meals is created that we go away them weak for survival and self-preservation in addition to the way forward for our international food-security, I believe it’s time for our kids to place down their smartphones and get their fingers soiled in planting one thing, and made chargeable for what they planted till it matures to be harvested, and ready for meals and eaten by that baby, and by doing this easy train, we could have given them a survival talent that might safeguard our planet and the food-security required for his or her future.

Within the final 100 years, virtually 50-80% of populations of all developed international locations the place employed in agriculture, at the moment, that determine is 2-5% per developed nation, a daunting thought.

Educators and faculties internationally, educate youngsters on rising meals and farming and make it obligatory and a part of faculties research that each baby ought to develop one thing, till it’s harvested and ready for consumptions, train our kids to respect nature, meals and to assist them perceive how it’s grown and significance of meals


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