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Anakin Skywalker. Darth Vader. One Man. Two Names – Throughout his lifetime, Anakin Skywalker was many issues to many individuals. Son. Pal. Brother. Husband. Father. Sith. Stepbrother. Grandfather. Apprentice. Grasp. We all know how his tragic story from begin to end and the way his grandson, Ben Solo, involves worship the person in black.

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With the Obi-Wan Kenobi collection dropping in late Might, we wished to discover who Anakin and Darth Vader have been within the years main as much as the occasions of the collection. We won’t be going into something extra profound than that. So, we’re not exploring Rogue One, the unique trilogy, Star Wars Rebels or the books and comics that accompany them.

On this put up, we’ll be explaining Anakin’s previous, the choices he was compelled to stay with and the way his experiences formed him.

Warning! This put up accommodates SPOILERS.

Slave Beginnings And The Jedi Rejection

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Anakin was born on an unknown planet and raised on Tatooine by his single mom, Shmi. What made the boy distinctive was his conception was fatherless. He was gifted in mechanics and was one of many few people to have the ability to fly a Podracer. Nevertheless, his abilities as a pilot could be one in all his most important property as he may fly nearly any ship, together with a closely broken star destroyer within the final 12 months of the Clone Wars.

His time below the cruelty of Watto wouldn’t taint his kindness in direction of others. Anakin was pulled towards Padmé Amidala and Qui-Gon Jinn as they sought assist to flee the planet. Nevertheless, that is the place his attachment to them would start.

Anakin’s items as a human Podracer have been on full show throughout the Boonta Eve Traditional, which freed him from his slavemaster, Watto. Nevertheless, it was not sufficient to free his mom. Selflessly, she inspired him to go and stay his dream of being a Jedi.

When Qui-Gon takes Anakin to the Jedi Temple, he’s rejected by the Jedi Council as a result of he’s too previous. Irritated, Jinn relents that Skywalker is the Chosen One in every of prophecy. Yoda tells Anakin he can sense the darkness in him, with Ki-Adi-Mundi saying he [Anakin] misses his mom.

What’s extra, is Qui-Gon’s insistence that Anakin is the Chosen One irks Obi-Wan. Nevertheless, his view modifications after Jinn dies at Darth Maul’s hand.

Anakin’s Shut Bond With Padmé, Qui-Gon’s Demise, And Friendship With Palpatine

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In the course of the journey to Coruscant, Anakin bonds with Padmé, believing her to be a handmaiden to the Queen of Naboo. Her kindness in direction of him is maternal and develops over time, which ends up in an plain attraction of their grownup years.

Anakin is stunned when he learns that Padmé IS the Queen of Naboo earlier than the strike crew begins their plan to cease the Separatists. What’s extra, this doesn’t make him suppose any completely different of her. If something, it makes him admire her extra as he understood why she needed to preserve her identification a secret and why her decoy, Sabé, stepped in for her when wanted.

Obi-Wan would by no means have taken Anakin as his scholar if it had not been for Qui-Gon’s premature demise by the hands of Darth Maul. Anakin was current at Qui-Gon’s funeral, by which he requested Obi-Wan what would occur to him now that Jinn was gone.

Kenobi tells him that the Council will permit him to develop into a Jedi because it was Qui-Gon’s ultimate want.

After Qui-Gon’s dying, Anakin turns into pleasant with Sheev Palpatine, the previous senator of Naboo and newly-minted Chancellor. This relationship will form Anakin into the person he’ll develop into.

Apprentice Below Obi-Wan


Within the ten years that cross, Anakin challenges Obi-Wan in additional methods than the inexperienced Jedi Knight may’ve imagined. Lastly, he understands the pressures he put Qui-Gon below throughout his coaching.

Kenobi and Skywalker would possibly’ve clashed, however Obi-Wan turned like a father determine to Anakin when he was youthful, taking the place Qui-Gon would’ve stuffed had he lived.

Unbeknownst to Obi-Wan, Anakin felt smothered and believed his grasp was holding him again. If something, Kenobi was cautious of what his scholar may do greater than something. Nevertheless, their bond would shift from father-son to brothers all through the Clone Wars.

Anakin usually needed to save Obi-Wan relatively than the other.

Regardless of the closeness between the 2 Jedi, Anakin didn’t inform him the whole lot and sometimes held issues again. In the end, this would come with the younger Jedi’s secret marriage to Padmé after the opening battle of the Clone Wars.

Reunion With Padmé, Assembly The Lars Household And Shmi’s Demise

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Upon an assassination try on Padmé’s life, Anakin and Obi-Wan are tasked with defending her. They haven’t seen one another in ten years, although neither is way from the opposite’s ideas. Whereas Obi-Wan investigates why there was a success out on the senator, Skywalker guards her. He escorts her again to Naboo, the place their attraction begins to blossom.

Regardless of any type of attachment being forbidden, they embark on a secret romance. Whereas the pair try to preserve themselves in verify, their flirtations are pushed apart when Anakin can’t management his visions of his mom. Returning to Tatooine to seek out Shmi, Anakin and Padmé are advised by Watto that Shmi is not in his possession. Nevertheless, he offers them a reputation of the place to seek out her; Lars.

The pair and R2-D2 journey to the Lars Homestead. Furthermore, that is the place they meet Cliegg Lars, his son Owen, and Owen’s associate, Beru. Anakin and Padmé study that Cliegg and Shmi married after he freed her from Watto. They’re advised that Tusken Raiders had kidnapped Skywalker’s mom and that they worry the more severe.

Not wanting to surrender on his mom, Anakin units out to seek out her, leaving Padmé below the care of his stepfamily. Finally, he finds Shmi, however she’s not in a great way. The Tuskens have tortured her to the purpose the place she was virtually unrecognisable.

Shmi’s one want to was to be reunited along with her son, and he or she is earlier than she dies in his arms. Anakin, in a state of shock, slaughters the Tusken Raiders, together with the ladies and youngsters.

Anakin returns to the Lars Homestead along with his mom’s physique and says his ultimate goodbyes to her. After her burial, he breaks down, confessing to Padmé what he had achieved.

Saving Obi-Wan, The Clone Wars Start And Secret Wedding ceremony

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Upon returning to the ship, Anakin and Padmé play a message again from Obi-Wan revealing he’s on Geonosis. Anakin contacts the Council and is advised to remain on Tatooine because it’s safer there for the senator.

Padmé manages to influence him that the Jedi received’t get to Obi-Wan on time and that they’re nearer to Geonosis. Anakin tells her that he’s giving up making an attempt to argue along with her. Because the pair struggle their means by way of the droid manufacturing unit, they get captured themselves. Oh, and Anakin loses his lightsaber for the second and ultimate time because it will get destroyed.

The pair are sentenced to dying and pulled out into the Geonosian enviornment, however not earlier than Padmé lastly lets her partitions down. She confesses that she’s in love with him.

It doesn’t take lengthy for the couple and Obi-Wan to free themselves and struggle again in opposition to their captors. It offers them sufficient time for the Jedi to reach with the clone troopers.

In the course of the chase for Dooku, Padmé is thrown from the ship, prompting Anakin to panic. Obi-Wan stops his apprentice from leaping out after her, resulting in them catching Dooku. Nevertheless, Anakin loses an arm to the Sith Lord throughout the struggle and Obi-Wan is severely injured.

Anakin and Padmé return to Naboo, the place they secretly marry, with C-3PO and R2-D2 as the one witnesses.

Knighthood, Ahsoka, And The Return To Tatooine

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Someday after marrying Padmé, Anakin returns to Coruscant, the place he’s knighted and despatched to Christophsis with Obi-Wan. Throughout a dialog along with his former grasp, Skywalker expresses the will by no means to have a Padawan. Kenobi and Yoda agreed that if Anakin have been to let go of his attachment challenge, he must let somebody go.

They got here up with the concept to assign him a scholar. First, although, they resolve to cross it off as Obi-Wan getting a new Padawan. The coed reveals as much as relay a message from Yoda, understanding that her grasp is Anakin, not Kenobi. Although, she is unaware of what Obi-Wan and Yoda are doing.

After a brief skirmish, correct introductions go round with the bomb being dropped on Anakin that the woman, Ahsoka, is his Padawan, not Obi-Wan’s. The brand new Grasp-Padawan duo are then despatched to Teth to rescue Jabba the Hutt’s toddler son, Rotta.

Anakin’s expertise with the Hutts is a sore spot, and he distances himself from the little hut. Nevertheless, Ahsoka is oblivious to her grasp’s previous. She says that returning to Tatooine should be like going house for her grasp, which he relents and says that was.

As soon as they attain Tatooine, Anakin sends Ahsoka to Jabba’s palace with Rotta whereas he stops Dooku. Nevertheless, Magnaguards seem and minimize off Ahsoka and Rotta’s path. Ahsoka does her finest to struggle again whereas defending the little Hutt.

Anakin reaches Jabba’s palace solely to find that Ahsoka and Rotta haven’t arrived. So he threatens the Hutt crimelord, just for his scholar and the newborn to reach moments later.

The Clone Wars And Ahsoka’s Departure


Anakin’s abilities as a frontrunner grew as time went on. He even got here to understand Ahsoka and sometimes needed to be saved from his personal stupidity. His relationship with Obi-Wan additionally strengthens their brotherhood.

Every time Padmé turned concerned, Anakin would drop mission protocols to maintain her secure, which raised eyebrows. Unbeknownst to Skywalker, Ahsoka discovered about him and Padmé however opted to maintain what she knew to herself.

Throughout this time, Palpatine began to push his plan to deprave Anakin to the Darkish Facet. Then, slowly however absolutely, the items started to fall into place. To not point out, Skywalker turned compelled to face components of himself he by no means wished to show. His jealousy of Rush Clovis, an ex-boyfriend of Padmé’s, was only one instance, which practically ended his marriage as his spouse turned petrified of him.

The items continued to fall when he confronted slavers once more, however on a unique planet. To not point out, Anakin needed to preserve his mood in verify more often than not. Particularly when it got here to enemies like Dooku, who have been consistently taunting him.

When Ahsoka was arrested and tried for a terrorist plot she didn’t have any half in, Anakin was the one Jedi to defend her publicly. Figuring out his younger pal was in deep trouble, Skywalker recruited Padmé as her authorized defence as he knew of the pair’s shut friendship. This provides him sufficient time to seek out the true perpetrator. A lot so, he even unwillingly joined forces with former Sith murderer Asajj Ventress who had additionally been framed for the bombing.

After Barriss Offee is revealed because the precise terrorist, Ahsoka was launched, nevertheless it got here at a value. Along with her religion shaken within the Jedi Order, Ahsoka left the Order, leaving an Ahsoka-shaped gap in Anakin’s coronary heart.

Shaken Religion

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Ahsoka’s departure rattles Anakin’s religion within the Jedi Order. He’s later reunited along with her, however not the way in which he expects. As a substitute, she is extra critical and solely there as a result of he and the 501st require assist. Wanting her to know that she will at all times belief him, he returns her lightsabers, however with a twist. He’s modified the Kyber crystals to match his. Additionally, he points her a small squadron of clones, taken from the principle 501st for her utilization. Their loyalty is to her. To indicate it, they paint their helmets to resemble her face markings. Amongst them is Rex, who will lead the group as he does with the 501st. Nevertheless, with the Captain turned to Commander with Ahsoka, his place as Commander Appo takes on the position of chief.

Someday later, Anakin and Obi-Wan obtain a name that Chancellor Palpatine has been kidnapped. Ahsoka is distributed to Mandalore to take care of Maul. The trio depart as buddies for the ultimate time.

Anakin and Obi-Wan arrive on the Invisible Hand, the flagship of Common Grievous and discover the Chancellor handcuffed to a chair. The 2 Jedi interact Dooku in fight earlier than Palpatine orders Skywalker to kill Dooku. The Chosen One is reluctant to take action and completes the duty with the Chancellor telling him that the Sith Lord was too harmful to be saved alive. Grievous escapes and finally ends up hiding on Utapau.

Padmé’s Being pregnant And Anakin’s Descent To The Darkish Facet

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Upon returning to Coruscant, Anakin reunites along with his spouse, who informs him she’s pregnant with their first youngster. However sadly, the enjoyment is short-lived as Skywalker begins to expertise nightmares of Padmé’s dying with the destiny of their youngster being unknown.

Palpatine continues engaged on Anakin to get him to relent to the darkish Facet. He exposes himself because the Sith Lord after revealing he is aware of save Padmé. Skywalker goes to the Council with what he is aware of however modifications his thoughts. He unintentionally contributes to the dying of Mace Windu in his try to cease him from killing Palpatine.

Realising that the Sith Lord is his solely path to saving his spouse, Anakin offers in to the Darkish Facet and is christened Darth Vader. Sidious duties him to kill the Jedi on the Temple and use the 501st to take action. It’s within the second after Vader leaves the workplace that Order 66 formally begins and begins the termination of the Jedi Order.

On Mandalore, Ahsoka senses a darkness fall however is left unaware that what she felt was Anakin’s fall to the darkness.

Worries For The Future And Obi-Wan Discovers The Reality

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Holding his newfound allegiance a secret, Anakin returns to Padmé to see if she and the newborn are okay. He tells her that the whole lot might be superb, and Palpatine is sending him to Mustafar. Nevertheless, he doesn’t inform her that he’s being despatched to assassinate the Separatist leaders.

The subsequent day, Obi-Wan arrives on the residence searching for Anakin. As a substitute, Padmé lies and says she doesn’t know the place her husband is. At this second, he is aware of that his former scholar has turned to the Darkish Facet, having watched the safety footage of the slaughter on the Temple with Grasp Yoda.

Devastated by his brother’s fall to the Darkish Facet, Obi-Wan tells Padmé what he is aware of, together with that Palpatine was the Sith Lord the Republic had been trying to find years. The shock of her husband’s betrayal hits the senator for six. As Obi-Wan will get as much as go away, he asks if Anakin is the daddy of her unborn youngster. Her silence is the one reply he wants.

Padmé, determined to seek out out if Obi-Wan is appropriate, heads to Mustafar with solely 3PO, leaving Captain Typho to insist he go along with her. She refuses, saying the droid might be all she wants.

Anakin Is Actually Gone And The Fateful Blow

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Anakin’s slaughter of the Separatist leaders is interrupted by Padmé’s arrival. Hurrying to fulfill her, Skywalker makes an attempt to influence her to hitch him, however she refuses, realising Obi-Wan is correct. Vader’s anger reaches boiling level when his former grasp seems on the ramp. Satisfied she’s joined with the enemy, the brand new Sith apprentice drive chokes the senator into unconsciousness.

Obi-Wan checks on Padmé, seeing she’s nonetheless alive. He then engages Anakin in a lightsaber duel that may resolve their fates. The struggle continues throughout the volcanic environment of Mustafar. Lastly, Kenobi reaches the excessive floor, and Anakin, in his overconfidence, goes to complete off his former pal however is minimize down, dropping his remaining natural limbs.

Kenobi leaves him to die and takes his lightsaber, which can find yourself being utilized by Skywalker’s son a few years later.

Palpatine arrives with clone medics, they usually get Vader medical remedy. On the identical time, Padmé offers start to fraternal twins, Luke and Leia. As Vader is lastly encased in his black torture chamber of a go well with, Padmé dies, however not earlier than telling Obi-Wan she believes there may be nonetheless good in her husband.

Again on the medical facility housing, Vader asks about his spouse. Palpatine says that she’s useless. He lets out a horrid scream, breaking the whole lot within the room whereas Sidious smiles in glee that he lastly has ensnared the Chosen One to be his without end slave.

The Subsequent Ten Years

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Whereas we don’t know an excessive amount of about what occurs in display media concerning Vader, there may be stuff within the comics that we all know occur that might be related to the Obi-Wan Kenobi collection. Nevertheless, we’re going to cowl most of that. However we are going to go over what occurs with some issues referenced in Star Wars Rebels.

Vader turns into the chief of the Inquisitorius, a gaggle of Jedi Hunters who have been as soon as Jedi or have been Drive-sensitive kids raised in the dead of night Facet.

Actor Hayden Christensen who returns to play Anakin and Vader in the Obi-Wan series told Entertainment Weekly that Vader could be insanely highly effective within the present, however that was all he may share. He skirted across the query, which requested whether or not we’d see Vader with out the helmet.

Given Hayden is within the go well with and never a stunt actor, we’re prone to get an assortment of scenes with the helmet with out and doable Clone Wars flashbacks.


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