Star Trek: Picard Mid-Season Two Recap & Evaluation: Q’s Harmful Gambit


Star Trek: Picard bounces again from a tepid season two premiere to hit its stride mid-season. The premise has Admiral Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his new crew touring again in time to 2024 Earth. They have to stop Q (John de Lancie) from altering a historic occasion that turns the Federation into ruthless oppressors on the daybreak of the twenty fifth century. They arrive in a Los Angeles burning from local weather change, overrun by crime, poverty, and the ruthless remedy of unlawful immigrants. The collection plunges forthright into hot-button social and political issues. It additionally tackles psychological well being issues. A decidedly liberal take might offend some audiences. However Star Trek has at all times pushed boundaries through the use of science fiction to handle division.

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Spoiler WarningThe season two premiere, The Star Gazer, has Picard investigating a space-time anomaly. He encounters a brand new model of the Borg. A special Borg Queen, who does not attempt to kill or assimilate them, makes use of a phrase spoken by Picard’s mentally ailing mom in his youth. Picard chooses to destroy the Federation fleet earlier than the Borg takes management. He wakes up on Earth in his winery. Q saved him and his main crew. He warns Picard that humanity’s trial has by no means ended. Picard is aghast to be taught the human Confederation conquered the Alpha Quadrant. He thwarts the execution of the unique Borg Queen (Annie Wersching). She identifies the date within the twenty fourth century that the timeline was altered. Picard and his crew steal a ship. Then use the Borg Queen to time journey across the solar à la Star Trek IV: The Voyage Residence.

Episodes two by means of 4 has the staff cut up up on 2024 Earth. They have to discover a “Watcher” who’s instrumental in determining the time deviation. Rios (Santiago Cabrera) is injured in the course of the transport to LA. He is cared for by a form physician, Teresa (Sol Rodriguez), earlier than being arrested as an unlawful immigrant. Seven (Jeri Ryan) and Raffi (Michelle Hurd) monitor him down. Whereas Picard is taken to the “Watcher” by a Younger Guinan (Ito Aghayere). In the meantime, Jurati (Allison Capsule) begins to bond with the Borg Queen.

Episodes 5, “Fly Me to the Moon”, and 6, “Two of One”, brings the season into a transparent focus. The “Watcher” is definitely a “Supervisor”, an El-Aurian named Tallinn (Orla Brady), drum roll please, who appears to be like precisely like Laris, Picard’s Romulan housekeeper and love curiosity. She’s been on Earth for 24 years watching over Picard’s ancestor, Renée Picard (Penelope Mitchell). She’s a French astronaut destined to find a sentient microbe on a mission to Europa. Renée suffers from crippling despair and anxiousness assaults. Q has been masquerading as her psychiatrist. Making an attempt to dissuade her from happening the mission. That is the occasion that causes the time divergence.

In one other twist, Q forces the assistance of Adam Soong (Brent Spiner). His sick daughter, Kore (Isa Briones), is definitely a genetically engineered clone. Soong tries to run over Renée in his automobile after a gala for the mission. She’s thrown out of the best way by Picard, who’s hit as an alternative. The crew takes him to Teresa’s clinic. His thoughts is trapped in a coma the place he remembers his mom’s breakdown. Episode six ends with Tallinn gearing up for a psychic rescue. Whereas Jurati has been taken over by the Borg Queen’s consciousness and abandons the crew.

Questions Left Unanswered

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There are various questions left unanswered. An important is Q’s agenda. He is unhinged and appears to be dropping his energy. Why did he save Picard and his crew? This motion allowed them to time journey and attempt to thwart his plans on 2024 Earth. One other puzzle is the long run Borg Queen’s hyperlink to Picard’s mom. Why are they linked? The crew will want Jurati and her Borg Queen infested thoughts to return to the long run. It appears to be like like Rios might not be becoming a member of them. He is falling for Teresa and would possibly select to remain behind together with her. Star Trek has erased reminiscences earlier than. The collection has to elucidate why Laris and Tallinn look alike. This can’t be a coincidence. It was additionally stunning to see Brent Spiner return as Adam Soong. Who’s integral to the event of the darkish Confederation within the new timeline. Isa Briones will get her display time by taking part in the assorted incarnations of the Soongs’ creations.

I’ve learn just a few on-line threads with sad followers grumbling in regards to the present’s socially conscious narrative. This was Gene Roddenberry’s main imaginative and prescient and motive for Star Trek. He noticed a future the place united humanity would enterprise into the celebs and befriend alien life. Star Trek had the primary interracial kiss on tv. The present had Russian and Chinese language characters working alongside Individuals within the sixties. Later Star Trek collection had a black captain, a feminine captain, and a truth by no means talked about, one of many first lesbian relationships on Star Trek: Deep House 9. You are lacking the purpose totally should you criticize Star Trek: Picard for making social commentary.

My harshest critique of the premiere was rehashing previous characters and storylines. We have seen time journey, the Borg, and a meddling Q exhaustively. Star Trek: Picard goes in a new direction with the psychological well being subplot. Persistent despair is an unlucky truth of life for many individuals. Picard’s mom and Renée symbolize a not often explored theme within the Star Trek universe. It will likely be fascinating to see the resolve. And the way all the pieces relates again to humanity’s trial on the Encounter at Farpoint, the preliminary episode of Star Trek: The Subsequent Technology.

Star Trek: Picard premieres each Thursday solely on Paramount Plus. 4 episodes stay in season two.

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