Kiss of the Spider Lady


Kiss of the Spider Lady; drama, Brazil / USA, 1985, D: Hector Babenco, S: William Damage, Raul Julia, Sônia Braga, José Lewgoy

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Two folks share the identical jail cell: Valentin, a left-wing revolutionary, and Louis Molina, a homosexual window dresser, for being in the way in which of the right-wing Brazil navy dictatorship. Valentin and Molina kind a friendship, as Molina recounts a movie a couple of French lady falling in love with a Nazi officer throughout World Battle II, and betraying her homeland for him. Unbeknownst to Valentin, Molina is spying on him as a result of the jail Warden promised his launch if he finds out about Valentin’s revolutionary group. Molina is launched, and Valentin tells him find out how to contact his group. Molina makes a telephone name and a automotive stops to achieve out to him on the road, however the secret police shoot and kill him in an ambush. 

Hector Babenco’s most well-known movie, “Kiss of the Spider Lady” is a darkish, bleak and depressive ‘kammerspiel’ drama taking part in out nearly solely in a single jail cell, simply between two inmates, Valentin and Molina, each performed brilliantly by Raul Julia and William Damage, apart from a number of flashbacks revolving round their previous in freedom, and an epilogue exterior jail. The movie has strengths, however it isn’t with out flaws, since their dialogues are too typical, whereas the one extra imaginative artistic options are within the type of escapism: one subplot involving Molina recounting a movie a couple of French lady betraying her homeland as a result of she fell in love with a Nazi officer (as a parallel to each Molina’s betrayal and the cyclic historical past of persecution of minority teams defying an autocratic repressive order in society) and a dream sequence concerning the Spider Lady. There is just one really nice line within the movie, stated by Molina, however it’s certainly poetic and memorable (“The nicest factor about feeling glad is that you simply assume you may by no means be sad once more“). The movie tackles a number of agonizing moments between them, one in every of them together with Valentin getting diarrhea from poisoned meals, whereas Molina helps him change garments. Nevertheless, a fair proportion of the story turns into moderately stale, monotone and too gray after some time, exhausting itself with this confined premise. Nonetheless, it’s a high quality and impressive philosophical piece that makes the viewers assume.



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